Easily share screenshots, images, texts and code.

1. On your keyboard press PrtScn
2. Open Screenshot.how homepage.
3. Press CTRL + V to upload the image

It's easy, simply drag and drop your image file onto Screenshot.how homepage.

1. Copy your text.
2. Open Screenshot.how homepage (this window)
3. Press CTRL + V to upload the text or code

What is Screenshot.how?

Screenshot.how is a web application that allows users to share screenshots, images and texts quickly and easily. It was made to facilitate information sharing between developers, designers and their clients.

Easy screenshot sharing and capturing

If you are on a PC you can simply press on the "Print screen" button of your keyboard. And if you are on a Mac press the Shift + Ctrl + Cmd + 3 to capture the screenshot. And on both systems just press CTRL + V to paste the captured screenshot to Screenshot.how.

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